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Home Inspection up to 2500 sq ft

Includes single family and townhomes


Home Inspection 2500 to 3900 sq ft


Radon Testing

Includes Radon Report


Condominiums and homes less than 2500 sq ft

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  • How much time is needed for a home inspection?
    This varies based on the home size and the condition/age of home.  In general expect the inspector to be there for 4 hours.
  • What is a Client Agreement?
    Before the inspection you will be asked to sign an Inspection Agreement.  This represents the legal agreement between HomeSite Inspections and You (the client).  See InspectionAgreement download below FAQs.
  • Is Radon testing required?
    It is only required in Montgomery County (2016), but is not required in other MD counties.  There is much information online about radon testing.  If you have specific questions please ask. 
  • What type of Radon testing do you offer?
    We use Rad Elec radon equipment.  The company is located in Frederick.  For more information go to their website:
  • What do the reports look like?
    The inspection report is generated using a reporting tool made by ReportHost.  Much of the report will be generated during the inspection using a mobile device.  See SampleReport download below FAQs. This is a simple report done for a client on a new home.
  • Will the inspector tell me whether or not to buy the home?
    No.  The inspector will not indicate if you should purchase a home or not.  The Inspection Report itself should provide the information needed to allow the client to make that decision.  If you have questions/concerns about the report, direct them to the inspector.  Questions concerning negotiations and/or purchase decisions should be directed to your real estate agent.
  • What type of Payment is accepted?
    Payment is due before the inspection begins.  We accept credit cards (a processing fee of $15 will be added), checks and cash.

Serving the greater Baltimore area including Carroll, Howard and Baltimore counties.

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