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The Home Inspection Process

The Home Inspection process can be misunderstood by many potential homeowners.  For the most part, the inspection is visual in nature where problems and defects can be seen.  Examples include plumbing leaks, missing roof shingles, and lack of attic insulation.  But there are parts of the inspection that are functional in nature, like the operation of the heating and air conditioning system.  Functional defects occur when systems do not operate as expected.  The end result of this process is to create an Inspection Report that will provide information to the potential buyer to help in making a purchase decision and/or negotiating terms of purchase based on the findings.  The report will focus primarily on problems or defects that need to be monitored or corrected so that the client can be confident that the dwelling is safe, and in a condition that is acceptable to the potential buyer.  HomeSite adheres to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice which outline what will be inspected and those items excluded from inspection, you can find more information here:

Feel free to contact us to discuss details and answer any questions you might have.

Why us?

HomeSite inspectors will not rush your inspection, we will stay until we have addressed all areas of the property.  We will take the time to answer client questions.  If there is something we cannot answer during the inspection, rest assured you will have an answer within a reasonable amount of time.  After reviewing the report an inspector will be available to answer follow-on questions.

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